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International Bodyguard Association
Code Of Ethics


Ethics are the bedrock of our profession. Without them, we could not maintain the high standards that we have achieved since our foundation. They emphasise excellence, integrity, honesty and a constant striving to improve our service as new threats develop.  

Code Of Ethics - IBA国際ボディーガード協会
  • Members of the International Bodyguard Association (IBA), acknowledge that it is their personal responsibility to further their professional development and that of their colleagues who serve in the protection industry.

  • Members shall always exhibit the highest level of integrity in the performance of their duties and will carry out their responsibilities with competence.

  • Members will not engage in any illegal activities that could jeopardise their responsibilities. Members undertake to refrain from using narcotic or intoxicating substances that might hinder their ability to perform their duties to the fullest of their abilities.

  • Members will keep an open mind and commit themselves to the pursuit of knowledge for the purpose of discovering new methods and systems.

  • Members will always be honest when dealing with principals, fellow bodyguards, the Association, it's members, officers, and associates.

  • Members acknowledge the burden of trust and responsibility that has been bestowed and thus dedicate themselves to the furtherance of the bodyguard profession and those whom they are sworn to protect. 

  • Members will always acknowledge that they are a member of a truly international
    organisation and will not discriminate against anyone based on ethnicity, gender or creed.

  • Members will be truthful when representing themselves to their principals, potential employers and fellow members of the IBA. They will not misrepresent their capabilities, or themselves.

  • Members will not misrepresent themselves as an Instructor or any other officer of the IBA, nor teach bodyguard skills without the written permission of the Director General.

  • Members must commit themselves to attaining and furthering excellence in all areas of the bodyguard profession.

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